My blogging story

When I was studying engineering I got influenced by people like #Zig Ziglar, #Billy Cox through facebook. Their quotes helped me to find myself. They helped me to bring out who I am? What I am? What are my strengths? What are my weakness? What are my thoughts? Revealing myself to me.

Then I found that even I can write quotes. I too started a facebook page where i used to share my quotes along with the quotes of the people who influenced me.

I was in the josh that i will get more likes, shares, page followers but that wasn’t the truth, I lost interest in just 4 5 days, I changed the page name, I changed niche but nothing worked in 15 days I deleted my pages.

Again after my engineering blogger in me wake up. I did some research I tried wordpress, Google blogger but nothing worked as I dreamt. I did the same as I did with my facebook pages.

But this time after 3 years of my first blogging I am back strongly believing that I am not going to step back, accepting the truth that it takes time to reach the people whom I want to reach through this Blog.

Please give me suggestions and tips to make it successful. Thank you.

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