Before you end your life. Time heals everything, give it a chance.

Time heals everything, give it a chance.

If life has given you the problems,
it has given you the strengths to face it.
Identify them.

When you feel low reach out to anyone you know
Tell them what you feel, tell them everything you feel.

When you feel you have nobody to listen to you
If it is okay to share your happiness and achievements on social media
It is okay to share your feelings there, feel free.
May be someone who you don’t know wants to listen to you.

Even if nothing works for you and you think suicide is the only solution, then go on.

But not with your body, with your thoughts. 
Let the thoughts in your mind die.

Leave everything your dreams, wants, goals, forget everything, everything means everything.
Treat yourself as a newborn baby dream new, set new goals, start new life.
Treat the world around you new.
Learn new things,go with new life. And never forget “Time heals everything give it a chance”.

-Prashanth B

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